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Nov 9, 2013 1:35pm EST
mom's death, which i can remember the title of. i don't know. of course. tsa. is that what is? i love that as a. the way that he -- you know, and i have read it over and over again. the way that he so elegantly talks about the personal and communal, and the larger issues about craze in america so beautifully done, it's amazing to me ever to marry it. and hoping that one day i can, you know, be on his level. he is fantastic. i was the game but his work a lot when i was turning this. >> what i was reading your book right about the time of the martin trial, jurors zimmerman. and it struck me as sort of the back story for what had happened i don't know if you have anything you would like to say about that. >> when i read it -- because i could not follow the trial on television. i could not. another thing to have the patients for it. i was so driven, i just could not watch it. i felt like i can't take it anymore. reading books. i don't have to be surprised. i could not in the launching a trial on television. and so i was following the trial in some ways on twitter. when i found in the firs
Nov 9, 2013 9:00am EST
. [laughter] >> i don't think it works for that. >> oh, okay. >> thank you very much for coming. >> yeah. [applause] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> i think regardless where you are on the political spectrum, we are fortunate and grateful we live in the united states of america. it's a very unique place, and if america was considered to be a product, and we do try to sell our product overseas, what's our brand? i think our brand is a constitution, the rule of law, and our value system. under that brand and under that value system, there is that notion of equal under the eyes of the law, and i know that brand and value system is the ada, trying to balance the rights of americans with diabetics. >> this is a treaty. a treaty is a law. the emotional and political arguments in favor of the treaty, no one can disagree with these arguments, but the question is, will the treaty have the legal effect that's being proctored by the proponents of the treaty? we don't hear citations to the articles of the treaty. we don't hear consideration of the reports, the concluding obser
Nov 3, 2013 12:00pm EST
over by a dumb looking blonde. >> host: do you editorialize in your book's? >> guest: no, i don't editorialize. i think every biographer and editorialize is in what you choose to put in. and, you know, every saint has a past and every sinner has a future. i really try and be, i try and show all sides. this is why i love biography, because you were telling the history of the time and you're trying to give a nuanced, complex picture which is what most people are. >> host: few women in history you right at that the power to stop the world simply by getting married. for five years the widow of john f. kennedy had been the house object of people's admiration and overwhelming gifts. >> guest: i wrote that in 1978. we're sitting here in 2013, and i would stand by that. >> host: did you like jackie kennedy on nasa's after you are finished? >> guest: yes. i think it to go into these books, if not liking her subject, respecting your subject. and i came out of that book with real respect for this woman. she was strong and she was a great mother. and she -- i didn't realize until years and
Nov 9, 2013 2:15pm EST
will give him some leftover chicken. don't give him bones. i went to the galley will be enrolled those parker will be right out. throw on some coffee while you're in there. there followed me to the galley door but he remained on the apparatus floor. he never entered our living quarters. their weapons weary and neglected. been added to the bone if provoked and short and stout and dirty and mangy with black hair and in screwball he looked like a black bear and that was his firehouse name. i opened the refrigerator to chicken breast off the plates and pulled the meat off then i looked through the plexiglass of the frame door and saw bear sitting patiently on the floor. i'm coming i said. until the porcelain bowl of water pushed open and put a handful of meat on the floor he would smith the chicken than carefully probed it with his paw. are you albright? he looked at me as if you were waiting for me to go back into the galley so he could be undisturbed. you pour creature. one of these days i will go something about you. i opened to the galley door and held it open momentarily. where do you
Nov 16, 2013 12:00pm EST
began our special look with local author don faber and learn about the youngest governor in michigan's history. ann arbor michigan. we visited the area with the help of our local cable partner comcast to bring you some of the city's rich literary culture and history. former ann arbor news editor said down with us to discuss his book a boy governor. the youngest chief executive in any state history. >> a very young age, appointed territorial secretary at 19 which is a record that will probably never be broken. another record was in 1835. and in time people in michigan and the people of detroit came to trust them even though a young person, very skilled and dedicated leader. regarded first of all as by the people in his own territory as a bit of -- coming in from kentucky. the logical thing for him to do would have been to appoint a michigan person. because mason had made such an impression on jackson himself, they had met. jackson of this cement has a lot of confidence and vision. i will appoint him. the strip of land that was disputed between michigan and ohio at st. their back to th
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)